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Modern Moving Company: Local Movers in St Louis, MO

8 Essential Pre-Move Actions for Your New Apartment

Moving into a new apartment is an exhilarating experience, heralding the start of a new chapter. But before you cross the threshold and begin unpacking, several important tasks will set the stage for a smooth and stress-free transition. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the eight essential things you should do before moving into your new abode.

1. Inspect Your New Apartment Thoroughly

Once you have signed the lease and before the moving trucks arrive, it’s crucial to inspect your new apartment for any pre-existing damage. This includes checking the walls for scuff marks, scapes, and holes, the floors for stains or tears, and the ceiling for any water damage. 

Be sure to also test the electrical outlets, faucets, and any appliances that come with the unit. Document any issues with photos and make a list to present to your landlord so you won’t be responsible for them when you move out.

2. Change the Locks

Security is of utmost importance when settling into a new home. It’s crucial to consider that the previous tenant might have shared keys with multiple individuals, raising concerns about unauthorized access. 

Therefore, prioritizing the replacement of locks is highly recommended to enhance the safety of your living space. By taking this simple yet crucial step, you not only secure your property and possessions but also establish a sense of tranquility and assurance within your new home environment.

3. Update Your Address

A change of address is a significant process that involves more than just redirecting letters and packages. It encompasses updating crucial information with various entities such as the post office, your employer, banking institutions, credit card companies, and any subscription services you use. 

Neglecting to update these details could lead to the inconvenience of missed bills, incurring late fees, or even becoming a victim of identity theft. It is crucial to allocate time to ensure a smooth transition of all your essential information to your new address.

4. Set Up Utilities and Home Services

It is often overlooked to handle the setup of utilities and home services when amidst the chaotic process of moving to a new place. To ensure a smooth transition, it is advisable to reach out to the local utility companies promptly. 

By doing so, you can arrange for essential services like electricity, gas, water, and internet to be activated before you settle in. Remember to provide them with your move-in date and the new address for a hassle-free setup.

Moreover, in creating a cozy and functional living space, you might want to explore additional services such as cable or streaming options, laundry facilities, and home security systems. These amenities can enhance your new apartment and make it truly feel like a home sweet home.

5. Get Familiar with Your New Neighborhood

Every neighborhood has its distinctive vibe, amenities, and rhythm that shape its character. Take some time to immerse yourself in your new surroundings. Identify the nearest grocery stores, pharmacies, hospitals, gyms, and any other essential locations you may need. 

Explore the local cafes, parks, and community spots that could become your favorite hangouts. Get to know the neighbors, local events, and hidden gems waiting to be discovered. By understanding the nuances of your neighborhood, you’ll seamlessly adapt to your new life with ease.

6. Have a Cleaning Plan

Even if you’ve been assured by your landlord that the apartment will be cleaned before your move, it’s always a good idea to plan for a deep clean. 

It’s best to clean while the apartment is still empty, so consider setting aside time (or budgeting for a professional service) to make sure every nook and cranny is scrubbed and sanitized.

Don’t forget to clean the refrigerator and oven, as well as to dust all surfaces and wash the windows.

7. Develop a Floor Plan and Unpacking Strategy

One of the most exciting parts of moving into a new apartment is turning it into your personal space. Before you start unpacking, take measurements of the rooms and create a floor plan that outlines where you want your furniture. 

This will save you from lugging heavy items around multiple times and will only need to adjust your layout slightly once everything is in place. 

Also, come up with a plan for unpacking room by room, starting with the essentials, to ensure that your new home comes together in an organized and thoughtful manner.

8. Hire a Local Moving Company

The physical task of moving your belongings into a new apartment can be one of the most daunting aspects of the moving process. To alleviate this stress, consider hiring a moving company in St. Louis that comes highly recommended. 

A professional team can handle the heavy lifting, transportation, and even packing or unpacking of your items, ensuring your belongings are safely moved without damage. 

It’s important to obtain quotes from several companies, check their reviews, and confirm they are licensed and insured. Hiring a reputable moving company can transform moving day from a frenzied experience into a seamless transition, allowing you to focus on settling into your new home.

By following these eight pre-move steps, you’ll arm yourself with the knowledge and preparedness to make the most out of your new living situation. Moving can be daunting, but with a little foresight and planning, you can make it a positive and rewarding experience.

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