About Us


The Modern Moving Company was founded by St. Louis native and Westminster Christian Academy Alumni, Luke Heintz to provide top-notch service and care to its customers. The company was started in March of 2020 and has quickly grown since. While the company is young, the team has strong backgrounds in the industry that has helped them build a desirable business. Having been in the moving industry since the age of 16, being involved in serving his community has been Luke's primary goal since the beginning.

Growing up he quickly realized the importance of valuing and building relationships in order to build a successful company. From a young age, he has worked hard to gain strong industry knowledge from the perspectives of the employee, manager, and now business owner. This insight has equipped him to build a business that will provide the most efficient and valuable services to its customers from hard-working, devoted employees. Our team looks forward to bringing the sort of hardworking and trustworthy services that our community deserves through the company. We pride ourselves on having team members that are very respectful, professional and hardworking. Modern Moving Company understands the stress that moving entails and looks forward to making your next move as stress-free as possible. We cannot wait to work with you!

Meet the Team